Product Photography 101: Editing photos for e-commerce web listings, Amazon, and more.

Our most recent series of blog posts has been aimed at answering questions that we hear often from customers. One of those requests is about product photography. Online sellers call to ask for our recommendations on equipment they need to take great photos. After all, most online sellers know that sales can be made or […]

Continuous Light Output: Lux, Lumens, and F-Stops – A Guide to Converting Different Units of Measurement

“How bright is it?” This question sounds pretty simple until you actually try to answer it. “Very”, “Sorta”, or “not really” don’t work very well when it comes to lux, f-stops, and lumens. And yet, a common descriptive term that manufacturers still use for lighting equipment is “high output”. That tells us nothing. The fact […]

Daylight or Bicolor: Which is the right lighting choice for me?

Whether you’re lighting a studio, or a news desk, or your purchasing lighting to use in the field, the question will inevitably come up: Should I get daylight or bicolor fixtures? It’s the single most asked question we hear when helping clients. Here’s a list of the pros in favor of both to hopefully make […]

6 Tips for Perfect Video Conference Lighting

Video conference man with headphones

Recently, many of us have been thrown into the world of working remotely. Also, for many of us, this means meeting with colleagues and clients using video conferencing apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Skype. This can all be pretty daunting. After all, this is work, not FaceTiming with the family. The requirements can look a […]