Dracast manufactures industry-leading, professional-grade video and studio LED lighting equipment. In the past five years, Dracast has refined the design and engineering of our products based on feedback from professionals in the filmmaking and broadcast industry.

Since day one, Dracast has strived to build the very best in LED lighting equipment, period. Our lights are built on an aluminum chassis, housed in an anodized aluminum frame, and mounted on an aluminum yoke; making them the most durable panel lights available. Right out of the box, you’ll know that you’re holding professional-grade gear.

Dracast LEDs have incredibly high light output rated at 95 CRI, and are available in Daylight, Tungsten, and Bi-Color. With multiple battery options, onboard DMX I/O included, and bright digital displays, Dracast fixtures are an all-in-one, fully-equipped lighting solution.

What should you consider when Purchasing Professional LED Lighting?

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