The PRO Series Panels from Dracast are the panel lights that made Dracast an industry brand. The build  and features of the PRO Series set a standard for professional build quality while still maintaining price points that stay within budget. Which is why the Dracast PRO Series remains a customer favorite in 2015.    

PRO Series Panels are available in two sizes: The LED500 and  LED1000. The LED500 is a 12”x 6” rectangular panel light with an ultra-compact and portable form-factor that make it suitable for  a large variety of applications. The LED1000 is a more familiar, traditional 1×1 LED panel, but built to exacting Dracast specifications. Like the PLUS and STUDIO Series from Dracast, the PRO Series is available in three color temperature models:  3200K (Tungsten), 5600K (Daylight), and 3200K – 5600K (Variable CCT).

All three versions deliver continuous 0 – 100% dimming and excellent color rendition across the color spectrum. Additionally, PRO Series lights can be battery powered for field work and generate little to no heat, making them ideal when portability is a must. PRO Series light are also still some of the most durable LED lights available, being built entirely on an anodized aluminum frame and chassis. They are truly built for use by lighting professionals who plan to put them to the test again and again.


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Pro Series Comparison

Model No.DRLED500TV
Optical System512, 5mm LED bulbs in 32 x 16 arrangement1024, 5mm LED bulbs in 32 x 32 square arrangement
Light Aperture4.75 x 10" (120mm x 253mm)10 x 10" (253mm x 253mm)
Beam Angle45°45°
Weight4 lbs5.5 lbs
HandlingAluminum Yoke, Dual Locking Tilt ControlAluminum Yoke, Dual Locking Tilt Control
MountingBaby 5/8" PinBaby 5/8" Pin
Tilt Angle+/- 90°+/- 90°
Voltage Input12V DC12V DC
Power Consumption30W60W
Power Connection4-Pin XLR, 110 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz, 2.0A4-Pin XLR, 110 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz, 2.0A
Battery ConnectionV-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate (Included)V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate (Included)
Battery DC Voltage14.8V DC14.8V DC
Battery Light Output100% of Total Output100% of Total Output
Color Temperature3200K - 5600K
(Variable or fixed color temperature
depending on model)
3200K - 5600K
(Variable or fixed color temperature
depending on model)
Dimming0 - 100% Continuous0 - 100% Continuous
ControlsLocal On-Board Manual ControlsLocal On-Board Manual Controls, RJ45 DMX In / Out Ports
Housing BuildAluminumAluminum
Housing ColorAnodized Blue / BlackAnodized Blue / Black
Estimated LED Lifetime50,000 hours50,000 Hours