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Dracast Halo Plus Series 180 Bicolor LED Ring light with Stand Kit

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Product Highlights

  • 【Adjustable Color Temperature】The Dracast Halo Plus Series Ring Light features adjustable CCT. This means that you can control the color temperature of your ring light from “warm” (more amber color) to “cool” (more white / blue color). This feature allows you to find the best look for your camera, your skin tone, and also the surrounding ambient light in the room.
  • 【0% – 100% Dimming】The Dracast Halo Plus Series ring light features 0% – 100% dimming capability. This means that the ring light intensity can be raised or lowered from “off” to “full intensity” using the dimmer knob on the ring light or with the included wireless remote. This allows you to fine tune the light output for your camera or to match surrounding ambient light.
  • 【Flexible Phone Mount】No need to purchase extra adapters to mount your phone. The Dracast Halo Plus Series ring light includes a flexible neck phone mount so you can be up and running in minutes. The phone adapter is easily installed and removed for storage in between shoots, and the spring-loaded grip provides an extra tight fit ensuring your phone won’t slip and fall.
  • 【Wireless Remote Control】The Dracast Halo Plus Series ring light includes a wireless remote control. This gives you the option to control both the light output as well as the color temperature quickly and easily without having to make adjustments on the light fixture itself.
  • 【Dual NP-F Battery Plates】Not near a power outlet? That’s ok! The Dracast Halo Plus Series LED ring light features dual NP-F style battery plates. Take your story outdoors and on the road and be perfectly lit every step of the way. NP-F batteries come in varying power capacities. With two fully charged 6600 mAh batteries, the Halo Plus can run at full intensity for up to two hours!
  • 【Dracast Light Stand Included】The DLS805 Spring-Cushioned Light Stand from Dracast extends from 28.5″ to 72″ and has a load capacity of 13 lb. It folds down to 28.5″ for transport, and weighs 3.4 lb
Dracast Halo Plus Series Bicolor LED Ring Light with stand, remote, and carry bag
Dracast Halo Plus Series 180 Bicolor LED Ring light with Stand Kit